Book Review: The Info Mesa

I have given up on Ed Regis’ book, The Info Mesa (Norton, 2003), because of the shallowness of the writing. The final straw:

Unfortunately, all this business activity had taken its toll, and in 1972 he and his first wife divorced. He remarried two years later, however, and he and his new spouse, […], both of them being good Catholics, would wind up raising six kids. [page 50]

“Catholics have a lot of kids” is cliché, and calling a man a “good Catholic” right after mentioning his divorce and re-marriage is careless (and, judging from the tone of the book, not meant as irony or sarcasm).

It’s a shame that The Info Mesa is such a weak popularization — its subject, the Silicon Valley-like grouping of information science companies around Santa Fe, is worthy of and could provide the material for a good general-interest book.

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