Friday night at Helios

Jason Smith, bass player in Strangelight and a friend from high school, helped put together a show at Helios Friday night, featuring Alan from Dallas and Pale from Houston. I enjoyed both bands — standouts were Alan’s fiddle player and closing song (called “Sigh”); and Pale’s impressive drummer. I’m looking forward to seeing both bands again.

I tried ouzo while waiting for the show to begin. I’ve heard that Greeks can spend an entire afternoon with a small glass of ouzo. My glass had less than 100mL, I drank it in two hours, then spent most of Saturday wishing I could stand up. Opa!

One Response to “Friday night at Helios”

  1. Brent Page Says:

    ouzo is evil. Extremely evil. I had two shots of the stuff one time at a family get together with the whole Opa! thing and man not only is it horrible to drink, it really puts the hurt on ya!

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