On proper forms of revenge

A “Viva Mexico” party held by Duke University’s Sigma Chi fraternity has angered Mexican-Americans at that campus.

Sad to say, the anger of the aggrieved students, as they are now expressing it, will not deter future such parties or even provide catharsis. Protests, denunciations, administrative warnings…these so-called remedies neither punish the offenders nor console the offended. The offense is that the men of Sigma Chi at Duke think that the cultures of other nations are funny. The true redress is to point out that the culture of Sigma Chi can be funny, too.

Why doesn’t one of local Latino student groups re-enact Sigma Chi’s secret rituals in the middle of campus, while distributing flyers explaining each one in exhaustive detail? Or throw a “Rush Sigma Chi” party, complete with every variety of stereotypical fraternity behavior? Or visit a local homeless shelter, give the residents Sigma Chi clothing, and teach them the Sigma Chi handshake? (Readers are invited to suggest better ideas in the comments section.)

Are these responses immature? Perhaps.

Would they do more to stop offensive fraternity parties than crying will? Yes.

And isn’t that the point?

[Link courtesy of Critical Mass.]

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