Tuesday night at the Doghouse Tavern

Met Thomas and Lori Gray at the Doghouse Tavern in Midtown to watch UH play East Carolina. An entertaining game, that Houston won 27-13.

Because it was a beautiful day, I walked the two miles to the Tavern before the game, taking Waugh to Fairview to Bagby. Fairview through the Fourth Ward is a surprisingly nice walk (albeit one I wouldn’t want to take after dark): A jumble of architectural styles, in disrepair and patchwork and rehab.

The Doghouse Tavern is a good place to watch sports — not too noisy, not too smoky, and with clear sightlines to the television screens. The beers are reasonably priced, and they let you bring in food from the Italian takeout place next door. The Yahtzee game in each booth is an odd touch…does anyone play Yahtzee any more?

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  1. M1EK Says:

    My friend Bob has an electronic Yahtzee game for the bathroom.

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