Saturday night at Robertson Stadium

I am the kiss of death for the teams I root for.

Here are the college football games I have been at this season, with the team I was rooting for listed in ALL CAPS:

Houston 48, RICE 14
Rice 28, SAN JOSE STATE 24
Navy 38, RICE 6
Memphis 45, HOUSTON 14
Texas Christian 62, HOUSTON 55
Southern Miss 31, HOUSTON 10

Fortunately, I don’t remember much of that last game. Steve Blanke brought three pitchers of top-notch margaritas to the pre-game tailgate Saturday, and everything between my fifth glass and halftime is a blur.

The Cougars got jobbed by the refs at the beginning of the second half, when the black-and-whites forgot that the ground can’t cause a fumble, and USM returned the “fumble” for an easy six. And UH quarterback Kevin Kolb spent the second half escaping death at the hands of the Golden Eagles’ big, fast D-line, which didn’t leave him much time to run an offense.

I want to see UH win at home this year. My duty is clear. By November 29, I need to find something green and gold to wear.

4 Responses to “Saturday night at Robertson Stadium”

  1. Jonathan Sadow Says:

    “I want to see UH win at home this year.”

    Uh, Houston won at home in the first game on your list.

  2. Steve Says:

    Yeah, but…but…but I didn’t *want* them to win that one, so…so it doesn’t count…and…um…D4MN 1T, R1C3 B0Y, D0N’T T4UNT MY BLU3-N-GR4Y BL1ND3RS!!1!11!

    (Speaking of taunting, were you there to see the UH band director make an ass of himself ragging the MOB?)

  3. Jessica Says:

    Steve? I have a request. Since YOU have such a good record of picking the winners this year, could you do me a favor? Could you PLEASE cheer for the Maize and Blue Wolverines in a couple of weeks. It would mean a lot to me :)



  4. Steve Says:

    Jess: Good point! Fortunately, the curse only applies to games I physically attend; I think my teams have a winning record when I watch them on television.

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