The New Main Street

After work yesterday, I walked down the new light rail line on Main Street from the UHD campus to Midtown. The difference between Main Street now and what it was three years ago is astonishing: The rail line and the stations, of course, but also the new sidewalks and pavement, the façade rehabs, and the new Marriott, not to mention all of the construction projects that have yet to be completed.

Main Street has become a considerably more attractive area than it was before, and will be even better when the work has been finished in a couple of years. Kevin Whited doesn’t like the overhead power lines (among many other things about the rail project), but I barely noticed them.

While I was walking down Main Street, I noticed crews putting up banners on the light poles announcing “The New Main Street”. I wish the city would do the right thing and invite The New Main Street Singers to play at the gala dedication, but that’s probably too much to hope for.

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