A Little Bit of Union Carbide

(The below was written in 1972, 12 years before the Bhopal disaster that it unintentionally and eerily prefigures.)

When ecology first crept into the scene, industry seized it as an advertising opportunity; not a filter was bought that the buyer didn’t take an ad about cleaning up the rivers and waters. In fact, at one point someone figured out that more was spent drumbeating about cleanup than on the equipment. Industry began to sense that the public belief that more was better was beginning to fall away. Union Carbide dropped its slogan, There’s a Little Bit of Union Carbide in Everybody’s Home. They wanted you to think of the plastics and the sandwich bags, and instead a Little Bit of Union Carbide meant: the wind’s shifted, here it comes again, shut the doors, close the windows, you know what it cost to have the curtains cleaned last time.

— “Adam Smith” [George J. W. Goodman], Supermoney, pg. 258

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