Houston’s new MetroRail

I work at the northern terminus (UH-Downtown) of the new MetroRail line and I commute on public transit, so I’ve been looking forward to the opening of the line.

I rode it yesterday and today, between the UH-Downtown station and the Main Street Square station. I love it. The new rail line shaves 10-15 minutes each way from my commute, when compared to the C trolley, and the train is much more comfortable than the trolley. Plus, because the train part of my commute is entirely within downtown (I take the Allen Parkway Special or the 48 bus the rest of the way), I can use the $25/year MetroRail Downtown Pass, which means that losing the free trolley service won’t be a burden.

Count me as a satisfied MetroRail customer so far.

4 Responses to “Houston’s new MetroRail”

  1. M1EK Says:

    Your loyalty implant is broke. The light-rail system is so absolutely slow that nobody would ever use it. And it’s so crowded that nobody would ever use it.

  2. M1EK's Bake-Sale of Bile Says:

    Get Off Da Bus

    It’s been rumored for a long time, but further more credible signs are afoot that Capitol Metro is abandoning plans for in-town light-rail transit in favor of a bus rapid transit system. I could not be more alarmed at the…

  3. Vicious Says:

    M1EK, tell that to a Japanese person…

    Trains in Tokyo are so crowded that they have attendants push people in.

  4. C Hill Says:

    This is quite possibly the most assinine sentence I’ve read in days.

    “And it’s so crowded that nobody would ever use it.”

    Written like a true suburbanite.


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