Rancor and politics

Dylan Wilbanks takes a look at the current state of American political discourse, and says one thing I strongly agree with (though I would quibble with “impossible”):

I believe political discourse is now impossible in this country, thanks to the media, the bevy of talk-show moruns [sic] out there, and a bunch of writers too lazy to write an interesting and factual column. It’s sad when bloggers on both sides have a better grasp on political ideas than the mainstream media.

I rarely read political columnists any more (and I certainly don’t bother with political news on television). The political bloggers I read are more honest and more to the point, and rarely waste my time.

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  1. Mark Hasty Says:

    Actually, Steve, I still read political columnists . . . just not Ted Rall and Ann Coulter, the Hey-Look-At-Me Twins. There’s still plenty of intellectual discourse, although the schtick tends to drown it out.

    Now, what does THAT remind you of? ;)

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