Thursday evening at Slainte and Birraporetti’s

I got together after work Thursday at Slainte on Main Street with Thomas and Lori Gray, Thomas’ brother David, and Lori’s former co-worker Booth (an ex-MOBster).

Slainte is one of two faux-Irish pubs between Prairie Street and Texas Avenue. The menu items all have cloying Irish names (the onion rings are “Claddah Rings”), and the music alternates Irish rock songs (U2 gets played a lot) with standard album rock favorites. Aside from that, though, it’s a good hangout. It appears to have all of the usual drinks, the food tastes good, the prices are reasonable by bar standards, and the decor is pleasant, if obviously fake.

(One oddity about the decor: There is a painting next to the staircase on the second floor that looks like a Cubist painting re-done in Pop Art style. I couldn’t decide if it was a brilliant parody of something or a horrible mistake.)

After a couple of hours at Slainte, we headed over to Birraporetti’s on Louisiana Street for dinner. I’ve probably walked past Birraporetti’s a couple of hundred times during the last four years, but have never stepped in.

I’ll be back. Good food at decent prices, nice drink selection (Birraporetti’s advertises itself as “an Irish bar in an Italian restaurant”), nice ambience. I had their chicken parmigiana — the meat was good, and the sauce, cheese, and pasta were all right. The bread is good.

We finally split up at 9:15, and I took the #3 home. Another fun night downtown. I like living in Houston.

(Postscript: An otherwise nice night was spoiled by my neighbors, who came home with some girls from the bars at 2am and raised hell until maybe 4am. I like the lads, but we’re going to have to talk next time I see them about this thing called “work” that some of us go to in the mornings.)

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