Dean and Iowa

In 1996, Arizona voted for Bill Clinton in the general election, between voting for Bush 41 in 1992 and Bush 43 in 2000. At the time, some speculated that Arizona voters had been so alienated from Bob Dole by the negative television advertisements run by the Steve Forbes campaign in the Republican primary (which Forbes won) that they wouldn’t vote for him even nine months later.

If Howard Dean wins the Democratic nomination, I wonder if he’ll have a similar problem with Iowa? The state has voted for the Democratic candidate four times in a row, but Gore carried the state by only 4000 votes in 2000.

(For that matter, what would Iowans in the general election think of Wesley Clark as the presidential candidate? He didn’t campaign in Iowa at all.)

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  1. Mark Hasty Says:

    I doubt it would hurt Clark’s candidacy much. People in Iowa aren’t going to feel overly slighted by his non-campaign. After all, not much campaigning happened in Iowa’s ’92 caucuses thanks to Harkin’s candidacy, and the state still went Democrat in the general election.

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