The Amazon primary

You can now donate money to presidential campaigns through Amazon. After putting some money in John Edwards’ jar, I looked at how much money each candidate had received so far:

John Kerry          $19,156
Howard Dean          10,078
Wesley Clark          9,007
John Edwards          8,134
Dennis Kucinich       1,751
Al Sharpton             730
Joe Lieberman           365

Everyone told Joe to stop embarassing himself. It’s a shame he didn’t listen until today.

2 Responses to “The Amazon primary”

  1. Gil Says:

    I liked Joe. He seemed like that friendly old relative you had whom you could never guess if he was an uncle, a second uncle once removed, your grandfather’s brother, or what have you. Just sat around and had old tales to speak of that perhaps you heard before but you never had the heart to tell him.

    But, as a man of no real party, I liked Dean’s penchant for unpredictability. He would be great at UN Summit meetings.

  2. Steve Says:

    Gil: I like Joe, too, actually, and was impressed by the book with his name on it, In Praise of Public Life.

    While running for the nomination, though, he irritated me in two ways: One, that he didn’t drop out months ago, when it was obvious that his campaign was going nowhere; two, that he kept talking about the people he met who told him what a swell guy he was.

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