HPD officer killed in the Montrose

HPD officer Frank Cantu, Jr. was killed by a drunk driver while on duty earlier today. The accident happened three blocks from my apartment. As I was walking down West Dallas this morning, I was passed by the flatbed trailer carrying away Cantu’s wrecked patrol car.

To my local readers: If you see an HPD police officer this week, please offer your condolences and express your appreciation for the work they do for us. And for God’s sake…I know drunk driving is a sport in Houston, but can’t we all just play racquetball instead?

2 Responses to “HPD officer killed in the Montrose”

  1. kevin whited Says:

    That’s a really bad deal. Makes me thankful our little hit and run incident near the same area a few months ago just did some damage to the car. It could have been much worse. Very unfortunate.

  2. Brent Says:

    On behalf of police officers everywhere, thanks for the kind words.

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