Thursday evening at Cafe Brasil

I went to a John Kerry Meetup at Cafe Brasil last night.

Cafe Brasil is a relaxing hangout in my neighborhood, about three-quarters of a mile from my apartment. It’s best known for its coffee (hence the name), but the wine and food are worth trying as well, and the prices are reasonable: I paid $15 for dinner with wine.

I arrived early, just after the first organizer, and helped set up for the meeting. About 40 people showed up, in a variety of ages and colors. The meeting was brief—about half an hour—and its focus was to inform people about the local volunteer efforts for Kerry. There will be a more formal organizational meeting on Thursday, April 1.

After the meeting, about 15 of us stayed for dinner. Most were pleasant people; only one or two were the fanatical type who can make participating in politics so excruciating for everyone else.

This campaign will be the first presidential one I’ve been involved in since Bush 41 in 1988. It looks to be an interesting year.

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  1. M1EK Says:

    Uh-oh. Now that you’re a known Communist organizer, I probably can’t use your demolition of the “PEROT COST BUSH I THE 1988 ELECTION” argument any more. Crap.

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