Saturday evening at the Toyota Center

I finally saw the new Toyota Center, Houston’s new downtown basketball/hockey arena. I went to my first Houston Aeros hockey game, with Thomas and Lori Gray, and Thomas’ brother David.

The Aeros beat the San Antonio Rampage 3-2, with all of the goals scored in the second period. The quality of the hockey was not as high as I had expected, but the game was enjoyable anyway. The extra entertainment that the Aeros provided—the dance team, the contests, the music, the animations—was pure cheese, but it passed the time. There were a couple of fights, and the hardest check I’ve ever seen live.

The arena itself is impressive. We arrived late (middle of the first period), and sat in nosebleed seats, but still had a great view of the action. The seats were comfortable. The scoreboard is (for better and worse) state-of-the-art. The popcorn is the best I’ve ever had at a sporting event.

The Aeros season is almost over, so there aren’t many more games to see this season. Keep them in mind for next winter, though—at $11 for a seat in the rafters, you’d get a good deal for your money.

2 Responses to “Saturday evening at the Toyota Center”

  1. Gil Says:

    I am a fan of the club seating level there for the Aeros games – only because for the dollar value it is the best club seating package of all sports in town. Glad you made it to a game… they are very choice.

  2. Greg Wythe Says:

    The Aeros are, indeed, a great value for the money. Even if you splurge for about $20, you’ll get a great seat and have a great time. The food selection could be much better, however. It seems a bit yuppified for NBA tastes & the more Texan food alternatives from Compaq Center are sorely lacking (Pappa’s BBQ & Whataburger … hard to top)

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