Walking music: Squeeze

I usually bring a CD along when I take a long walk (I used to bring a paperback, until I realized that that was why my hands were so cramped when I got home). Depending on my mood, I bring one of three kinds of music: folky pop (like mid-’60s Bob Dylan), jazzy pop (like Steely Dan), or jaunty pop (like the Turtles).

For some reason, I had never thought until recently to burn CDs with the songs I wanted in the order I wanted them. At the risk of starting out slightly rough, I’ve chosen to take my first stab at sequencing with the music of Squeeze:

1. Hourglass
2. Slap and Tickle
3. Cool for Cats
4. What the Butler Saw
5. Is That Love
6. If I Didn't Love You
7. Up the Junction
8. Take Me I'm Yours
9. Black Coffee in Bed
10. Cigarette of a Single Man
11. Pulling Mussels (from the Shell)
12. Some Fantastic Place
13. Tough Love
14. Elephant Girl   [a great Split Enz rip-off]
15. Footprints
16. Another Nail in My Heart
17. Annie Get Your Gun
18. Tempted

Run time: 65m, 11s

This collection suffers from my not owning “Cool for Cats”, “Argybargy”, or “East Side Story”; they’ve been on my list for years, and I’m not sure how I’ve let them slip for so long.

That aside, I’ve enjoyed the sequence so far, except that if I were to do it again, I would move “Tough Love” and “Elephant Girl” up to 11 and 12.

(Side note to Rob Booth: Any movie that has both Jools Holland and Elvis Costello as actors in it would have to be cool beyond cool, wouldn’t it? I mean, it would have to be. Am I right? Am I right?)

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