Successories®: A bad sign

Someone wrote recently that the best indicator that a large newspaper is good is that it does without an ombudsman. Why? Because good newspapers hire good editors. Good editors keep around competent reporters. Competent reporters don’t need an ombudsman to clean up after them.

Successories® are the ombudsmen of an office: The sign that something is wrong.

If your employees seem to need a cloying reminder to have a good attitude, or work together, or serve their customers, then what does that say about the training they’ve received, the company they work for, or (let’s face it) the manager they have?

And if you yourself need a Successories® sign at work, then shouldn’t you consider doing something else with your life; something where your enthusiasm alone would sustain you, without being propped up by cheap sentiment?

A quote you’ll never find on a Successories® product is the quote they remind me of: “The mass of men lead lives of quiet desperation.”

(To be fair to Successories®, there are worse things a boss can do than tack up one of those posters. For example, if your boss ever gives complimentary copies of this book to you and your co-workers…freshen up your resumé. Now.)

(And, by the way, these are pretty funny.)

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  1. M1EK Says:

    My old clerking factory just institued mandatory 8:30 AM Friday “blow sunshine up peoples’ asses” meetings, and in today’s, they unveiled the “Employee Bill Of Rights”.

    Another automatically bad sign, methinks.

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