Negativity in blogs

In his article “The Revolution Will Not Be Blogged”, George Packer notes that “bloggers are almost unfailingly contemptuous toward everyone except one another”.

I have noticed that blogs (including this one) tend to be negative, snarky, cynical, accusatory, etc. I wonder if that’s because anger and unhappiness provide the energy and motivation to write something—write a complaint, write a lament—to relieve our tension; whereas joy and happiness leave us relaxed and blissfully mute.

2 Responses to “Negativity in blogs”

  1. Mark Hasty Says:

    “Good news isn’t news.” Not only would it be boring to write a rainbows-puppies-and-gumdrops blog, who would read it?

  2. Gil Says:

    Wow. Packer is captain obvious?

    But seriously, Steve… you hit the nail right on, man. It is anger, cynicism and passionate emotion that drive blogs, not “yo! look what I did today!” – I mean, yes, that is a component, but no, not a blog you read every day.

    To wit: take that one blog, lord I can’t remember the title… but it is something like instigatorAlley. A purely political and literary review bog, covering an array of journal articles, happenings, and news.

    The author, however, has posts that literally make you page down twice or more sometimes – and that’s at a 1024 resolution and his type at the smallest setting.


    I want blogs that stir me and make me think. Not boring ones. I want to see your anger, empathize, and so on. I want to identify.

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