Thursday evening at Onion Creek

After lolling around the Rice campus for a couple of hours yesterday evening, Thomas & Lori Gray, Booth Babcock and his girlfriend Moko, Lorin Gaertner (a friend of Lori and Booth’s) and I had dinner at the Onion Creek Coffee House up in the Heights. We found a table outside, and enjoyed the beautiful weather (this spring has been the best Houston has had since I moved here).

Onion Creek cultivates a laidback, Austin vibe (the Austin area has a stream called Onion Creek), and that atmosphere is the best part about the place. The service is okay, the wine / beer selection is okay, the noise level is too high, but not unbearable.

For being a bar / coffee house kind of place, Onion Creek has good food. I recommend the sandwiches. Also, if the only Frito pie you’ve ever had was in an elementary school cafeteria, you’ll be pleasantly surprised by how it tastes with Grade A ingredients.

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