Tuesday night at the Meridian

After years of being a They Might Be Giants fan, I finally saw them in concert this week. I wish I hadn’t waited so long.

The show was at the Meridian, a new club in an old warehouse on Chartres Street. About 500 fellow TMBG and/or Homestar Runner geeks showed up, most of them younger than me (not surprising for a concert that lasted until midnight on a work night). I met four other people there and had a great time.

John Flansburgh and John Linnell are 20-year veterans at entertaining crowds, and it showed: The concert was fun from start to finish. You had to be there for all the jokes; I’ll just say that they were many and good. The music was at least adequate for most of the songs (though it looked to me as if John Linnell is sick of playing “Birdhouse in Your Soul”). The show didn’t have a particular highlight for me: I just enjoyed the songs and jumping up and down like an idiot for two hours.

(Other Houston bloggers there: Cybertoad and Irfan.)

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