Kansas: A second-world country?

Something I wrote for Usenet a couple of years ago:

> That's like calling Kansas a 2nd world country!

Let's not dismiss that idea so quickly, now...

2nd world: Communist Bloc (mainly, Soviet Union)

Soviet Union: Mostly barren prairie
Kansas: Mostly barren prairie

Soviet Union: Hellish winters
Kansas: Hellish winters

Soviet Union: Began with Civil War b/w Whites and Reds
Kansas: Began with Civil War b/w Blues and Grays

Soviet Union: Once known for wild revolutionary fervor
Kansas: "What's the Matter with Kansas?"

Soviet Union: Later known for corrupt bureaucracy
Kansas: Bob Dole

Soviet Union: Unusually high %age of population in agriculture
Kansas: Unusually high %age of population in agriculture

Soviet Union: Economy supported by state subsidies
Kansas: "Parity pricing"

Soviet Union: One-party state
Kansas: One-party state

Soviet Union: State run by aged, stiff party functionaries
Kansas: Bob Dole

I think we can justifiably call Kansas a 2nd-world country.

One Response to “Kansas: A second-world country?”

  1. M1EK Says:

    AUSTIN is the true second-world country these days. Well, and I needed to test commenting on another blog on io.com, dammit.

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