Sunday night at KTCU

I took a four-day weekend [*] to do a Tour de Tejas—to Austin to visit Spencer and Jenn and Rob and Maggie and Jim, to Fort Worth to visit Chris Bellomy, and finally to Dallas to meet a long-lost relative (my father’s only Casburn cousin).

All in all, a good trip.

Sunday night was the most fun part: I got to sit in on a radio show that I listen to via webcast: The Good Show, on KTCU in Fort Worth. The aforementioned Chris Bellomy and a long-time friend of his, Tom Urquhart, are the co-hosts, helped by Tony Diaz. Great guys, all.

The theme of Sunday night’s show was “Old Music for Old People” (to celebrate Chris’ 39th birthday), and we had a great time playing a lot of ’80s songs. I was responsible for the night’s “Guilty Pleasure” song—Bob Seger’s “Famous Final Scene”—which was proclaimed guilty, Guilty, GUILTY.

If you’re interested in listening to good new rock, mixed with some well-loved oldies, check out the live webcast of The Good Show, which runs every Sunday from 9pm CST until some time after midnight.
[*] Originally supposed to be a six-day vacation, but, ah, the joys of IT work!

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