There are 20 American states which are land-locked; which do not border on an ocean, a gulf, or a Great Lake.

Of these 20 states, only one (Vermont) is certain to vote for Kerry in November.

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  1. Dave Says:

    I think it is an issue of isolation. These states tend to have smaller and more provincial cities. Contact isn’t with other countries or even other cultures within the U.S. – the “big” cities most commonly visited by residents of, say, Kansas City are Oklahoma City, Topeka, Lincoln, Des Moines, and Jefferson City. The cities most visited by New Yorkers are Philly, Boston, Newark, D.C., L.A., London, Paris, etc.

    People’s philosophies are colored by their experiences. A person whose life is focused around local interests and religious faith, and who gets non-regional news filtered down through cable media is going to see things in a much different way than someone who reads the N.Y. Times every day and has family and business contacts all over the country.

    Not that it’s a bad thing, but the provincial viewpoint tends to be simpler; more black-and-white. It’s the prototypical Republican viewpoint. The same is probably true for Democrats in the opposite way – they’re likely to see every aspect of their personal life as part of some larger struggle, even if it’s not, and on occasion lose sight of personal values in the pursuit of some greater goal.

    Maybe it could be summed up like this: Republicans err by thinking locally when they act globally. Democrats err by thinking globally when they act locally.

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