The second debate: Prepare to be surprised

I’m puzzled to have heard no mention since Thursday of the 1984 presidential debates.

Remember the first one? Reagan looked old and sounded confused. The post-debate Gallup poll showed that 54% thought Mondale had won, versus 35% for Reagan. The polls started to move, and Mondale thought he could get back into the race.

Then the second debate came. Reagan was well-rested and better-prepared, and he wiped the floor with Mondale. And that was that.

I don’t know what will happen Friday in St. Louis, but I do hope the Kerry folks aren’t over-confident about it.

3 Responses to “The second debate: Prepare to be surprised”

  1. Dave Says:

    They won’t be over-confident for precisely this reason. The Dems and Kerry’s campaign staff know how they’ve been beaten in the past, and they won’t repeat the same mistakes.

    Of course, Rove and his cronies are always looking for new ways to screw with the campaign, so it’s possible Kerry could still get caught off-guard. But I think the days of Democrats thinking the campaign is over after the first debate are, well, over.

  2. Spillmann Says:

    I am disappointed at your lack of coverage of the Rice-SJSU game.

    Gig ’em.

  3. Off the Kuff Says:

    On to the next debate

    So Kerry appears to have won the post-debate spin as well as the debate, and it’s showing in the polls….

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