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The color purple

November 18, 2004

472,320—number of votes John Kerry received in Harris County, Texas (Houston’s county, where Bush 41 lives and Bush 43 lived).
467,746—number of votes John Kerry received in the City and County of San Francisco and Multnomah County, Oregon (Portland) combined.

1,188,006—number of votes George W. Bush received in Utah, Idaho, and Wyoming (the three most Republican states) combined.
1,187,873—number of votes George W. Bush received in Massachusetts (John Kerry’s home state) and Vermont (Howard Dean’s home state) combined.

(all numbers from CNN)

(yes, I do understand the relative population sizes involved)


Sense and sensibility

November 5, 2004

The Holy Spirit speaks through the good Reverend Hasty.

And Dan Conley makes a welcome return.

Update: Yes. And yes.

Four more years

November 3, 2004

I love America.

And it’s sad to see something you love try to commit suicide.

We will probably survive four more years of Bush. But why run the risk?

Election prediction

November 1, 2004

Kerry 278, Bush 260.

Update: I overrated the role the Libertarians would play in the Western states. I should have known better. I agree with Matt Welch that libertarians are screwed now.