Election prediction

Kerry 278, Bush 260.

Update: I overrated the role the Libertarians would play in the Western states. I should have known better. I agree with Matt Welch that libertarians are screwed now.

2 Responses to “Election prediction”

  1. Dave Says:

    Dood, there is *no* way Bush is going to win MA, NY, CA, and IL.


    I’m going the other way with the election. I think Kerry wins Florida and Hawai’i, but loses all the southwestern states.

  2. Left Oblique Says:

    Other Predictions

    I’ve already made my call: Kerry, 286-252. Here are a few other predictions:
    Steve at … the trailing edge calls it for Kerry, 278-260.
    Chris at Southpaw, ever the optimist, predicts Kerry, 325-213.
    Harry at Kudzu Files calls it 291-247 for Kerr…

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