Four more years

I love America.

And it’s sad to see something you love try to commit suicide.

We will probably survive four more years of Bush. But why run the risk?

4 Responses to “Four more years”

  1. M1EK Says:

    Imagine how you’d feel if you agreed with all of that AND had a ten-year-old stepson. Getting too close for comfort around these parts…

  2. Jonathan Sadow Says:

    I feel safer now.

  3. Steve Says:

    Jon: You should feel safer now. Fresno State has gone away, and they’re never coming back.

    (I thought it was a beautiful act of self-denial for the Owls to abase themselves in order to give the Homecoming crowd a nostalgic taste of old-fashioned pre-Hatfield Rice football. You know and I know that the whole game could have been like the fourth quarter; but it was Homecoming, and the team generously let the alumni believe that some things never change.)

  4. Jonathan Sadow Says:

    Uh, Rice scored a touchdown on an 84-yard run on the last play of the game. That never used to happen before Hatfield (indeed, touchdowns of any kind were rare during my junior (0-11) and senior (1-10) years). So it’s not quite as bad as you might think. On the other hand, the defensive and special teams play brought back old memories….

    It’s annoying that the Owls never beat the Bulldogs in six tries despite the final margin being a touchdown or less in three of the games (including one loss on the final play of the game). However, at halftime WAC commissioner Karl Benson presented the WAC Commissioner’s Cup to Rice athletic Director Bobby May, for compiling the best record in all sports in the WAC for the 2003-4 academic year. Benson also presented the Stan Bates Awards as the top scholar-athletes in the WAC to men’s tennis’s William Barker and women’s track & field’s Allison Beckford. It’s good to know that Rice’s priorities are still in the right place.

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