An embarrassing day for the Big XII

The Big XII North champion was taken to the wire by an 8-3 WAC team, and Oklahoma State fell behind 33-0 to Ohio State, finally losing 33-7.

Thomas Gray and I went to the Colorado-UTEP game at Reliant Stadium. Great game. UTEP played their hearts out and had an early lead, but Colorado’s superior size and athleticism wore them down. The UTEP quarterback had little protection for most of the second half, and made several bad passes (including two interceptions).

The Miners brought about 10,000 fans and their band to the game, while the Buffaloes brought maybe 4,000. The difference told—the UTEP fans roared, the Colorado fans muttered.

After the game, Thomas and I took METRORail back to Midtown, joined up with his brother-in-law, and headed to the Doghouse Tavern to watch my alma mater turf the Cowboys. It wasn’t much of a game, but I certainly enjoyed it. The key to the game was the Buckeyes’ dominating defense—it’s hard to lose a game when your opponent is held scoreless for 3½ quarters. Also, the Buckeyes’ backup quarterback, Justin Zwick, who played the entire game, was surprisingly effective, especially when leading the 94-yard scoring drive that put the game away in the third quarter. And I was impressed by the monster block Zwick laid on a Cowboy defensive lineman during one of Ted Ginn’s cutback runs—that belongs on a highlight reel.

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