Microsoft and Apple

Barry Ritholtz writes about the latest smart moves by Apple.

I agree with Barry: 2004’s Microsoft security meltdown and Apple’s recent cool products make the Macintosh a choice worth considering again. I have been using Macs since 1984, and there’s nothing about Windows I miss. I have a 733MHz G4 at home that runs the most recent Mac OS with no noticeable lags (by contrast, the 867MHz Pentium III I once used at work might as well have been a doorstop after Microsoft XP was installed). In 20 years, I’ve never had a virus problem, never seen spyware, never had my computer hijacked, and have had to re-install the OS only once (and that was my fault for not RTFM). Plus, when I need Unix, I have Unix.

Yes, a Macintosh costs more up front, but it’s worth it. If you wrote off the Mac 10-15 years ago, take a second look.

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