Houston is all right; I-45 is all blight

Kevin Whited is right that Joel Achenbach is wrong.

I wish, though, that visitors to Houston would have a better introduction to the city than I-45 between downtown and Bush Intercontinental Airport. I have never seen an uglier stretch of road, and it reinforces all of the inaccurate stereotypes.

2 Responses to “Houston is all right; I-45 is all blight”

  1. chris Says:

    How about US 59 between Intercontinental and downtown?

  2. John Says:

    It’s inescapable: Houston is not visitor friendly. I got a special chucked out of the Achenbach piece – as a former Washingtonian, I used to read his stuff all the time (and now that ultimately, he will say anything to be a smartass). But his impression of Houston is much like the first impression I had as a business traveler here. Fortunately for me, work kept bringing me back, a good friend moved here, I started staying around for visits after the business trips, and got to know the city. In fact, i got to know it so well that I voluntarily ditched DC to move here.

    But if you are pulling out of IAH in a rental car, it is incredibly difficult to find anything the many great things here unless someone points the way for you.

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