Sunday afternoon at the Toyota Center

I was able to fit the Rockets-Lakers game in before the Super Bowl started Sunday. Glad I took the risk: It was a nail-biter, and when will I be able to get Lakers tickets again?

I went with Camille and Austin Livingston—Camille is a co-worker and a major Rockets fan. We got seats in the upper deck, straight across from one of the baskets. That doesn’t sound promising, but believe me: There are no bad seats at the Toyota Center.

The Rockets were never behind in the game until the last two minutes. Unfortunately, because they play in the NBA rather than the CBA, that’s the only time when being behind starts to matter. After Houston blew a 16-point lead in the last 15 minutes to go down by three, I was sure they would lose. And if they had, they would have had to give Lamar Odom the title deed to Toyota Center, because he owned the Rockets during the Lakers’ comeback. Kobe? Kobe who?

Houston won in the end, but if I were Jeff Van Gundy, I’d be worried about how often my guards were charging into the lane with the ball during the fourth quarter and getting tied up into a scoreless change of possession. And I’d be furious at how poorly the Rockets were positioning themselves to get rebounds.

All that aside, I enjoyed the first three quarters of the game and the final outcome. I also got a kick out of the skit during a time-out which pitted the Rockets cheerleaders in a dance contest against the “Laker Girls”: a dozen 300-pound men wearing wigs and Laker Girl outfits. Maybe you had to be there…

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  1. Jeff Says:

    The NBA is a lot like NASCAR (or Busch, et al.) in that it’s a LOT more fun to watch in person than on TV. On TV, it’s basically unwatchable.

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