What diversity means

The examples given are ill-chosen, but the basic point is sound:

If not for Christian fundamentalists, after all, we probably wouldn’t have punk rock. Or rap, Goth fashion, skateboarding and lots of recent art. Strong art comes from cultural ferment, from the clash of ideas, not from homogeneity. Liberals have failed to recognize that the “diversity” they so celebrate includes people who disagree with them — churchgoers and mosque-goers, pro-lifers and hunters. And the life has gone out of liberalism as a result.

Ann Marlowe

On the other hand, one of the reasons why I dropped out of the conservative movement in the mid-90’s was because it seemed like such an intellectual ghetto, where everyone read the same books and only a few honestly engaged the ideas of the world outside. If anything, it appears to have gotten worse:

I don’t mean to impugn all righty blogs, but the ones I’m told to read – [Belmont Club], Powerline, LGF – are increasingly full of “know your enemy” shit that really bears no knowledge of the “enemy.”

David Weigel

A final point about the Marlowe quote: most of the liberals I have known personally who fit her description (and certainly not all liberals do!) either grew up in fundamentalist Christian families or at least grew up in the Bible Belt. They themselves are the products of “cultural ferment” and do indeed try to create “strong art”.

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