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Maybe I just haven’t been following baseball much lately, and there is an obvious answer to this question, but:

Why not move the Houston Astros from the NL Central to the AL West?

Three advantages: One, it would even up all of the divisions at five teams; two, Astros-Rangers could be a great divisional rivalry; and, three, it would shorten the travel distances for in-division games for the remaining NL Central teams.

Plus, it’s not as if the Astros have an age-old rivalry with anyone else in the NL Central…gosh, do the Astros have a serious rivalry with anyone? (Well, the Mets, but that’s purely one-way.)

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  1. dw Says:

    Short answer: Because Darth Selig et al do not want interleague play to lose its “specialness” by happening every day of the season (which is what would have to happen for a 15-15 alignment to work).

    Also, Texas is trying to get OUT of the AL West because of the time zone problem. 3/4 of the division is on Pacific time.

    15-15 is the easiest and best solution, but I don’t see that happening. Otherwise, the only way to really fix the alignment problem would be to abolish the leagues and move to a regional conference style alignment a la the NBA. Even then, though, you’d probably have the five California teams in one division and Seattle with Colorado, Arizona, Minnesota, and KC in a “Northwest Division” that would cover 30% of the land mass of the contiguous US and three time zones. Bleah.

  2. Dave Says:

    A few questions:

    Why would interleague play be required? Are there not enough days in the season to fit all the games that would need to be played?

    Also, wouldn’t the addition of Houston make it *easier* for Texas in the AL West (and vice-versa)? There’d be less travel time, and less pressure to have games in the state of Texas start later to accommodate those on the West Coast.

  3. Harry Says:

    No, the ‘Stros gotta stay! The Cubbies need you guys to beat the Cardinals!

  4. Charles Watkins Says:

    Unless baseball plans on expanding into San Antonio, that would leave Texas without a National League team.

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