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Dasani frightens me

May 17, 2005

On the label of Dasani’s new lemon-flavored offering, it describes the contents as a “natural lemon-flavored water beverage”.

“Water beverage”?

Is that the liquid equivalent of “cheese food”?


Cardinal Pop?

May 17, 2005

I was looking over a Greek Eurovision page (when I was in Greece, I heard their Eurovision entry about 15 times a day, so I’m wondering how it will do), and I noticed that Andorra and Monaco had entered the contest this year.

Which makes me wonder: If the Vatican City sent a song into Eurovision, what would it sound like?

Astros 9, Giants 0

May 15, 2005

So my hometown San Francisco Giants just finished a four-game series here at Minute Maid Field.

On Thursday, they won.

On Friday, they won.

On Saturday, they lost, but at least it was to Roger Clemens.

On Sunday, they suffered an old-fashioned Texas horse-whipping.

Guess which game I made it to?

On the bright side, it was cool to be at a three-homer game (Morgan Ensberg of the Astros) for the first time.

(My original title for this post was “Giants get juiced”, but then I thought about all of the Barry Bonds jokes…)