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Packing it up

June 11, 2005

Moving day is tomorrow, so I’m wrapping up the blog today. I’ll post one more time, when I have a Portland blog set up.

My thanks to everyone who has been reading and commenting to “Walking? In Houston!?”!


Let’s go to the atlas, Bob…

June 6, 2005

At the West Gray Kroger’s this evening, I saw a package in the seafood section that contained “Atlantic Salmon, farmed in Chile”.

Cardinals 2, Astros 0

June 3, 2005

Two thoughts about tonight’s game at Minute Maid Park:

1. The score was 1-0 after eight innings. In 25 years of watching baseball, I have never seen a 1-0 game that was so much of an ass-kicking.

2. The bottom of the fifth inning was the worst half-inning of baseball I have seen in a long time. Not one, but two Astros runners tagged out because of baserunning errors between third base and home? In a game where the Astros were trailing 1-0? Oy…