Unpopular war blamed on President

Blame for the “wanton spilling of American blood in Korea” was placed upon the shoulders of the Truman Administration by the delegates to the State convention of the California Republican Assembly yesterday. In the concluding session of the convention at the Hotel St. Francis [in San Francisco], the delegates approved a plank declaring that “a strong, consistent foreign policy would have prevented the Korean war. Now that we are in it,” the resolution declared, “appeasement of the enemy must stop.”

“America’s position in the world,” continued the statement, “must be strong, dignified and respected by other nations. We will protect our citizens and the interests of our country from arrogant, blackmailing foreign countries.”

It further declared that “the Republican party was inspired by the aims of the United Nations in a program of world co-operation to secure world peace” but added that the delegates believed that the United States now is “carrying an unfair burden” in the U. N. program. Insistence was made that all other U. N. members “assume their full share” in carrying out the “mandates” of the U. N.

from “GOP Assembly Blames Korea War on Truman” by Earl C. Behrens; San Francisco Chronicle; January 14, 1952; page 1.

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