Bicyclists and the rules of the road

I walk quite a bit because I don’t own a car, and I was looking forward to moving from Houston to Portland in part because the drivers here are better.

And the drivers here are better.

Unfortunately, a lot of the bicyclists are insane.

A day rarely passes when I don’t see a bicyclist do something really foolish on the road. Last night, I almost got run over in a crosswalk at Belmont and 34th by a bicyclist who didn’t even slow down (much less stop) for a red light—he missed me by inches.

I would be more sympathetic to local bicyclists’ complaints about local drivers if I weren’t having to dodge bicyclists on a daily basis.

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  1. M1EK Says:

    Welcome to my personal hell. You have no idea how many times people on the UTC voted against a bike facility, citing UT-area idiot cyclists who run stop signs and red lights.

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