“No Direction Home”, Part 2

The second part was as good as the first part.

If you missed it on PBS, don’t worry: It’s out on DVD.

And you’ll definitely want to see the movie before you read the book.

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  1. Noah Eaton Says:

    That was a most wonderful film, wasn’t it? It was really interesting to see how Dylan continued to evolve each time he attended the Newport Folk Festival, where in 1962/1963 he was seen as a new spokesman, a new hero, and attendees thought less of him following years as he made more of a rock and roll effort.

    It was hilarious seeing Joan Baez in the film too. Her sarcasm was exciting to see.

    I also enjoyed Martin Scorese’s interview with Charlie Rose afterwards. I was thinking exactly what he was thinking after the film; the film was trying to help you see history from a different perspective, how history influenced the portraits of many emotionally and personally. And those sights are indeed very familiar now.

    Hey, thanks for this great thread! :)

    Noah Eaton

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