The Cincinnati Enquirer on Bill Bennett

The Cincinnati Enquirer succinctly states the real problem with Bill Bennett’s remarks:

The point, which Bennett refuses to understand, is that in his mind black people and crime are intrinsically linked.

The defenses of Bennett I have seen focus on the wrapper around this linkage: That Bennett had said he was talking about a hypothetical situation, and that he had explicitly said that that hypothetical was morally wrong.

What these defenses ignore is the linkage itself. It is clear to me that Bennett disavows the idea that fetuses carried by black women should be aborted in order to (as he puts it) lower the crime rate. It is not clear to me that Bennett disavows the idea that black people are intrinsically more likely than other people to be criminals. And that idea is the real scandal here.

(Thanks to Jeff Tindall for the Enquirer link.)

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