Politics in my precinct

A follow-up to the post below: The precinct I live in voted 91% for Kerry last November.

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  1. Noah Eaton Says:

    :) Yeah, Oregon moved more blue in 2004 compared to 2000, when Gore only won Oregon by 0.2%. Last year, if I remember correctly, Kerry took the state by 4%.

    Also, out of all 50 states polled on Bush and their approval/disapproval to him, Oregon is ranked #43 out of #50 (#1 being where he is approved highest, #50 where he is most strongly disapproved). That’s quite a significant showing for a battleground/purple state. Minnesota also has similar statistics.

    Also, my home state of Colorado is moving more blue compared to 2000. It still voted Bush by more than five percentage points last year, but before then the state voted for many Republican presidents by double-digit margins.

    I’m sooooo happy to be here! :)

    Noah Eaton

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