Politics in Portland

I saw a great quote this week that I can’t find the cite for: “People in Portland are divided into three groups β€” liberal Democrats, radical Democrats, and people who think Democrats are fascists.”

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  1. Noah Eaton Says:

    :) Yep, it’s generally like that here! Every few blocks you will find a Bush voter now and then, but it’s a dark blue territory indeed.

    I don’t consider myself a Democrat, but I also certainly don’t consider their party “fascist”. In fact, I prefer to keep that word out of my vocabulary because I just believe it brings back too many bad memories, too much bad blood and anger. The immediate thought that comes to your head when you say that word is World War II and Hitler, which is a terrible memory, and believe it’s best we move on not with these dark words, but the lessons and wisdom we got out of that tragic experience. Therefore, when I often see protesters say “Bush is a fascist!” and use the word as a noun and adjective, I do shake my head and believe that is not the approach an effective nonviolent peace protest should take.

    I merely refuse to consider myself a Democrat right now because their recent record just isn’t much better than the Republicans. In terms of positions, I find much more agreements with the Democrats than I do with the Republicans, but the Democrats in my heart are also being passive on cronyism and fraud and when they begin trying to remedy the situation more thoroughly, I may then label myself a Democrat.

    Great talking with you as always! :)

    Noah Eaton

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