Football is dead to me

UCLA 47, California 40

Penn State 17, Ohio State 10

Utah State 24, San Jose State 17 (!!!)


2 Responses to “Football is dead to me”

  1. Noah Eaton Says:

    To be honest, I’ve never been a real fan of football, professional in particular. I guess I’ve never just understood the game. I have nothing whatsoever against those who play it, but to me it just too competitive, it’s like war in jerseys, and ever so often you hear stories of contusions and such that I hate to see happen.

    If I had to choose any place in which I’d watch football, it would be kids playing it for fun on the field. :)

    Sorry your teams didn’t perform as you hoped they would! :)

    Noah Eaton

  2. M1EK Says:

    I apologize for our part in your day. Is this the part where we compare the lengths of our various trips through purgatory?

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