Sherrod Brown: Sneaky

Representative Sherrod Brown (D-OH) entered the race for Michael DeWine’s Senate seat a short time ago. Many Democrats considered his entrance to be opportunistic, because Brown had shown little interest in contesting the seat when the GOP in Ohio was stronger. Such Democrats are inclined to support the other announced candidate in the race, Paul Hackett.

One of Hackett’s strengths is the financial support he receives from blog readers. Upon entering the race, Brown sought to cut into that strength by making large ad buys with various widely read blogs. Some bloggers thought Brown was trying to buy their support, and at least one was vocally unimpressed.

So Brown changed tactics. Instead of asking bloggers for money for himself, he is asking them to contribute money to the eventual winner of the Democratic nomination.

This change in tactics serves three purposes for Brown:

1. He looks magnanimous, and gets some good press for himself.

2. He might convince blog readers to contribute to ActBlue instead of to a candidate, which would hurt Hackett more than himself.

3. He designed an ActBlue ad that makes him look good. The ad features an attractive picture of Brown, who looks at the viewer with a winning smile. It also features a bad picture of Hackett, who is looking not at the viewer, but at Brown, as if he were looking at his leader.

Sherrod Brown is clearly the candidate with more experience playing politics.

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