Slush day

Today was supposed to be a snow day — icy roads, slippery sidewalks, stay inside unless your life depends on it — so I was pleasantly surprised when I woke up and found I could go out.

The weather was actually quite nice. I trudged carefully through the slush to the East Portland post office (second pleasant surprise: how quickly the snow-walking skills I’d learned in Ohio came back to me) and my uncovered ears never froze. I actually unzipped my jacket for the 30-block walk back.

The post office was a madhouse, of course: The line went all the way to the back and curled around. The last time I saw a line like that was in a Houston grocery store a few hours after Tropical Storm Allison. Bad news for me: I’m expecting to receive packages at that post office this week!

The slush should be gone by Wednesday. Not a bad trial run for the really nasty ice storms I’ve been told to expect.

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