The joy of streaming

My radio is always tuned to KBOO, but on Sunday evenings I use the Internet to listen to a station far away across the mountains: KTCU in Fort Worth.

From 5pm to 7pm (Portland time) is a show called the Rock Menagerie. Host Dale Gleitz picks a theme each week, and plays two hours of music from the last 40 years that relates to it. He takes pride in having rarely played the same song twice during his many years hosting the show, and he finds the most amazing album cuts. The man knows a lot of music, and his taste and the way he blends songs together are impressive. Plus, I respect his playing so much music that I would be embarrassed to admit to liking…but that I do in fact like.

From 7pm until 10:30pm (again, Portland time) is The Good Show. Tom, Chris, Tony, and Neil play mostly what is called “modern rock” from the last 30 or so years. They also throw in comedy at the top of every hour and a segment called “The Bad Show”, featuring painfully bad music, as the show’s nightcap. Above all, though, the show has a Rat Pack vibe to it — clever, funny, chummy, often puerile — and if you dig that vibe, you’ll become a regular listener.

(A side note: I once stopped listening to The Good Show for several months because they played so much good music, and I didn’t have the money to buy all — or even most — of the CDs they inspired me to want to buy. I still don’t have the money, but now I just make a list and put it aside.)

If any of the above intrigues you, pick up the KTCU webstream here (you have to have RealPlayer installed on your computer).

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