This thing first

One of the musicians whose music The Good Show introduced me to is the late Nick Drake.

It’s good rainy day music: quiet, mellow, reflective. His song “One of These Things First” is a work of sonic beauty.

Drake appears to be popular in Portland: I had to wait two months before the local library could fulfill my hold for his greatest-hits album. Worth waiting for, though.

2 Responses to “This thing first”

  1. tom! Says:

    “One of These Things First,” as you probably heard me gush before during broadcast, is my most-frequent Drake fave.

    Considering the suicide rates there in the northwest, I hesitate to suggest the following but it’d be a great compliment to the next Drake rainy-day listening session: Patrick Humphries wrote an excellent biography on Nick, simply entitled “Nick Drake: The Biography” [ISBN: 1-58234-035-8], available in paperback by Bloomsbury []. It’s a charming portrait, albiet dark-then-darker, and although it’s a relatively short read [too easily indicative to the lifespan of the subject], I had to take breaks to ponder… and not get overly-melancholy for the sake of the loved ones at home.

    Thanks for posting your thoughts and, of course, tuning into the show!

    Take care.

  2. Steve Says:

    Tom: Thanks for the book recommendation! I will put a hold on it at the public library.

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