Switched at christening?

I was taking advantage of the beautiful weather today to stroll through Laurelhurst, and I noticed two churches along the way.

One church is in full-blown Mediterranean style: arches, domes, stucco.

The other church looks like a Masonic temple: solid, squat, frugal with windows.

If you had to guess which church was the Greek Orthodox church and which was the Christian Science church, the answer would be obvious, wouldn’t it?

And yet, to my amazement, you’d be wrong. So wrong.

I’m imagining a Greek Orthodox priest and a Christian Science church officer exchanging title deeds after a drunken late-night poker game. (That’s not what happened, of course, but I can’t think of an explanation I like better.)

My guess as to the real reasons: The Christian Science church was built in 1926, when the Mediterranean style was popular; the Greek Orthodox church was built in 1952, when pressure to conform to mainstream American style was at a peak.

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