Going where the getting is good

My best friend from high school and his wife were adopted about 10 years ago by a cat named Ruben. He just showed up one day at their townhouse. Purring, friendly, cute. They started feeding him, and he stuck around.

Every now and then, Ruben would disappear for a week or a month. Mike and Aerin never worried about him: They just figured he’d found a better deal somewhere else. He always came back eventually.

My favorite neighborhood cat (pictured) is like Ruben. The people across the street own him (so to speak), but I have seen him on every front porch on this half of the block. He keeps trying to invite himself into my house, but one of my roommates has cat allergies, so that’s not going to happen. I call him Snubby (if you could see his nose in profile, you’d understand why), and hang out with him on the porch when I see him there.

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