Ripped 100 years ago from today’s headlines

An excerpt from a letter written by President Theodore Roosevelt to U.S. Ambassador to Italy Henry White, dated September 13, 1906:

Just at the moment I am so angry with that infernal little Cuban republic that I would like to wipe its people off the face of the earth. All that we have wanted from them was that they should behave themselves and be prosperous and happy so that we would not have to interfere. And now, lo and behold, they have started an utterly unjustifiable and pointless revolution and may get things into such a snarl that we have no alternative save to intervene—which will at once convince the suspicious idiots in South America that we do wish to interfere after all, and perhaps have some land-hunger!

— quoted in: Nevins, Allan. Henry White: Thirty Years of American Diplomacy. New York : Harper & Bros, 1930. 255.

Poor suffering “national greatness” Republicans. Ever liberating little peoples who never have the gratitude to just do as they’re told. And those idiot neighbors and their unfounded suspicions!

Well! It’s enough to make a body not want to liberate any more countries.

For a while, anyway.

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