Iraqi death rate, in perspective

California has had two major riots in the last 50 years:

  • The Los Angeles riots of 1992, when 53 people died, 26 of them in a single day.
  • The Watts riots of 1965, when 34 people died.

In Iraq, death tolls larger than these have been happening almost every single day. What in California is a memorable trauma is in Iraq everyday life.

Look at it another way:

Iraq has about 26.1 million people. The state of California has about 35.9 million people.

In the state of California, an average of about seven murders are committed each day.

In the country of Iraq, with only three-quarters as many people as California, massacres of 20-30 people are common, and those are on top of any single or double murders that are not notable enough to make the foreign news.

Just today, 40 Iraqis were killed in a single suicide bombing. Have 40 people ever been murdered on the same day in California? In Iraq, it will probably happen again before the week is out.

As a conquering nation, the United States has the duty to provide security and order in Iraq. The Bush administration has failed to do that, and thousands of people are dead because of that failure.

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